I walked into the Metropolitan Opera House in 1987, a young kid from the Bronx looking for a paycheck. I left 7 years later with valuable stagehand skills that would carry me on to work at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, and innumerable other prominent venues and momentous concert events, such as the Grammy’s, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and touring with The American Ballet and David Copperfield. I am fortunate to have gained my experience in the most premiere venues in the world, right here in New York City.


Being a production rigger by trade, the best part about what I do is knowing that people can come to a show, enjoy the music, and leave happy without having to worry that the show was hung safely. Its an important responsibility that show producers and personnel have. We make sure everything that’s flown is safe so the audience doesn’t have to worry about what is hanging over their heads. They can do what they came to do: enjoy the show.